Individuality and diversity as well as freedom and boundlessness play an important role in x-ovation.

“Think bigger” is one of our mottos.

He who trusts his vision can change reality. This cosmopolitan attitude to thinking can be seen in our headquarters at the Bern-Belp airport on a regular basis.


X-ovation was founded in 2010 by CEO Kaspar Brönnimann and originally worked in IT project management and IT services. Meanwhile, x-ovation pursues bigger objectives. The team has to deliver its vision, high-quality services, products and experiences to its customers and society. In particular, the company pursues these goals due to specially developed and visionary software Sophilius.


Our mission is to develop innovative virtual tools that may find their application in business, educational and entertaining spheres. We are establishing virtual bridges between art, business, education and entertainment. The company places its focus on virtual services and business tools for commercial and personal usage.



“Imagination is more important than knowledge because knowledge is limited”. (Albert Einstein). We provide you with innovative experiences for a better world. IT makes sense and creates sense.


Human Being And Humanity
Human being is the center of life.

We are moved by the principle of providing long-term and sustainable innovations.

Individuality And Diversity
Each person is individual. Together we produce a wide variety.

Nature And Life Forms
Nature is so creative like nothing else. Why always reinvent everything?

Freedom And Boundlessness
Our products have no limits. Use them so that you can experience your individual freedom and boundlessness.

Humor And Leisure
It is easier to go through the world with a laugh.

Implementation And Conclusion
Tasks are to be completed.



Sophilius is when Complexity is simple, tangible and understandable.

Via a sophisticated technology, the user determines which areas sophilius is used for and what information is processed therein. This results in various application areas of the same software: due to its generic architecture, sophilius may be used irrespective of industry, company and role.

Comprehensive corporate management

Quality management

Risk analysis and management

Program and portfolio management

Company objectives under the balanced scorecard



Flugplatzstr. 63, CH - 3123 Belp
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