Sophilius Is When Complexity Is Simple, Tangible And Understandable

The Very First Software That Combines Everything

  • Comprehensive corporate management
  • Quality management
  • Risk analysis and management
  • Program and portfolio management
  • Company objectives under the balanced scorecard
  • provides a comprehensive overview and creates transparency
  • considers interdependencies and their effects
  • generates substantiated bases for decisions
    points out risks
  • is efficiency-enhancing and cost-saving
  • saves your time
  • is a success factor

Via a sophisticated technology, the user determines which areas sophilius is used for and what information is processed therein. This results in various application areas of the same software: due to its generic architecture, sophilius may be used irrespective of industry, company and role.

Everything Depends On Many Things – Agility Remains Just A Buzzword Without Any Knowledge Of Interactions

Every small project and even the most rudimentary work in each company always depends on other task-performing triggers. It is a daily challenge to deal with interdependencies in your own area and in conjunction with other areas of competence. As an entrepreneur in today’s rapidly changing supply and demand world, I can only be agile when I know all the essential interactions that affect my production as well as my procurement and sales market. It is important to know the target date I can change something on before I am forced to change myself.

With sophilius, all kinds of interdependencies can be modeled, visualized and controlled. Effects of delays in one or more processes on current or future projects are taken into account. These effects are also considered in terms of target achievement at all levels up to the balanced scorecard. Influences on deadlines, resources, finance, risks, or on the sale of products and thus on the revenues of a company are also pondered over and included into the cost breakdown. By knowing these factors, there appears to be an ideal basis for decisions concerning future actions, initiation of measures and implementation of your company’s further objectives.

Transparency Is
A Tendency

Lack of transparency is a barrier to growth of any company. Overall, transparency promotes corporate communication in its external boundaries. If transparency can be complied with, it is not an insignificant competitive advantage for self-expression. For an external openness, internal transparency is essential. Transparency increases efficiency, limits risks, establishes credibility and also increases the sustainable employees’ loyalty and satisfaction.

Sophilius makes deadlines, resources and finances transparent: the current status of each item is therefore evident at any time. In this way, you may always keep track of all the projects, activities and goals of your company and its interactions in the balanced scorecard. Vulnerabilities are timely identified – consequently, potential risks are recognized at an early stage, so that measures can be taken immediately. In addition, expectations, conditions and structures are evident and facilitate each employee’s work.

Resources Are Theoretically Endless, But Practically Scarce And Valuable

In any company, resources are a precious commodity. However, they are subject to being used and consumed within various departments. Resources which are planned or still exploited can be used within many projects or departments and get depleted, withdrawn or replaced without any prior notice. The consequences are usually a painful experience. Employees, or their individual abilities and specific skills are valuable. In seeking the achievement of corporate goals, it is important to use them with an ideally proper strategic approach.

Intangible resources, such as workload, skills and competencies of employees are represented with sophilius and thus made evident and measurable, so that they can also be used with intent and sustainability. Due to resource efficiency and process optimization, cost savings can be implemented in a goal-oriented manner. Consequently, the employees’ satisfaction will increase as well as your company’s financial success.

Use sophilius as a success factor for your company.



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